Keyless Wheel Locks from Zefal

Keyless antitheft system for wheels and saddle
Easy and quick mounting, no tool required.
The wheel antitheft substitutes the quick-release of the wheels
The saddle antitheft substitutes the quick-release of saddle clamp

Patent concept : in the horizontal position, the quick release lever is automatically locked, to unlock the bike has to be lifted-up to the vertical position. A special washer makes the unscrewing impossible even with a tool.

The bike must be turned upside down to unlock the wheels!

Set Wheels & Saddle: 156 g
Set Wheels: 116 g
Saddle: 40 g


  1. These look great but I can't find many product reviews. Have you used the set? Any good? Thanks.

  2. Sid,

    I had the same problem. I could not find good reviews for the product. I ultimately went with the Pinhead wheel locks. No problems yet. I had the LBS install them and grind down the axle so that the extra didn't stick out.



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