Ruff Family Bike

We ran into the Ruff family as we neared the end of TOSRV 08. They took the mechanical issues and sicknesses with their family members in stride. They were what I consider hardcore cyclists and were very inspirational.

Got an update about their bike recently.

We will for sure be in TOSRV 2009. The Quad will be customized so the 2nd seat(right behind me) will have a kiddie crank installed so my 5 year old daughter can ride/pedal. The third seat will continue to be my 9 year old son's spot, and the stoker(4th seat) will be my 13 year old's. My wife will be riding a single bike for the first time, and if she can't complete the entire ride by herself will jump on the back of the quad and my 13 year old will ride the single bike. It will, God willing, be my 30th TOSRV, my 13 year olds and my Wife's 7th one, 9 year olds 3rd one, and daughters 3rd one but 1st one riding.(will still pull the Burley Trailer just in case needed for at least a year or two more.


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