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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Biking through NY for over 80 km a day - from Wannahaves

Bike messenger in Manhattan
In New York life is fast. The quickest way to travel is by water or through the air. In Manhattan things are a little different. The fastest way to travel is by bike. After 9/11 Manhattan was put to a safety alert and a lot of changes were made. This really obstructed the job of the bike messengers which made their future uncertain. Nowadays the messengers are back in business with over 100 bikers a day.

Bike messenger Lou
Winston talked to experienced bike messenger Lou. Lou bikes around Manhattan for over 80 kilometers a day. His job is to deliver packages around the city by bike. This job is not always without danger, because he got hit by a car once. Luckily he didn’t got hurt. A funny fact is that Lou suffers 20 flat tires a year.

Safety measures
After 9/11 in 2001 Manhattan put the city on a safety alert. This made the job of the bikers a lot harder to do. After a few years of struggling, the messengers are back in business and they make sure all packages in Manhattan reach the right destination every day.

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