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Friday, March 6, 2009

National Bike Summit 2009

The League has an exciting week planned for the 2009 National Bike Summit. This year's event is packed with education, advocacy, a congressional bike ride and plenty of networking. Register today!

Annual Meeting
Bicyclists led the Good Roads movement in the 1880s, successfully lobbying for paved roads to drag our nation out of the mud. In 2009, the stage is set for bicyclists to once again lead reform of our transportation system. A “smart” transportation movement is needed to solve the challenges of climate change, obesity, congestion, pollution, safety, and dependence on foreign oil. The 2009 National Bike Summit is focused on making a powerful case for expanding Federal support for bicycling – for active transportation and recreation. Join fellow advocates, industry leaders, and retailers as we make our voice for change heard: we have a new President, new Congress and new administration to address. The new Congress begins writing a new federal transportation funding bill and bicyclists must be at the table. Please join us: we need every Congressional District to be represented.

The 2009 National Bike Summit program is finalized. It includes a detailed schedule, issue papers and asks, America Bikes agenda, and a guide to effective advocacy.

Our keynote speakers have been announced! The opening banquet of the 2009 National Bike Summit, Tuesday March 10 at 6.00pm, will feature Andreas Rohl, head of the City of Copenhagen's Bicycle Program Office - 36% of trips in Denmark's capital city are made by bike, and Andreas' job is to increase this to 40% or more! Also on the program that evening, the presentation of the National Center for Safe Routes to Schools' James L. Oberstar prize - the award will be given by none other than Congressman Oberstar himself.

Wednesday morning's opening plenary will be kicked off in traditional style by Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), with a discussion to follow featuring prominent players in the upcoming transportation bill authorization.

Wednesday lunchtime our focus shifts to the critical links between transportation, land use, recreation and physical activity. Our featured speaker is Larry Selzer, President and CEO of The Conservation Fund, a national nonprofit organization headquartered in metropolitan Washington, DC. The Conservation Fund protects the nation's legacy of land and water resources in partnership with other nonprofit organizations, public agencies, foundations, corporations and individuals. Through land acquisition, community initiatives, and leadership development, The Fund and its partners demonstrate sustainable conservation solutions emphasizing the integration of economic and environmental goals.

The League invites all DC area cyclists to its annual meeting, Wednesday March 11th at 6.30pm in the amphitheater at the The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, to hear two inspiring speakers: Andreas Rohl, head of the Copenhagen Bicycle Program, and Jeff Mapes, author of the upcoming book Pedaling Revolution. Rohl will describe how Copenhagen has become a world class city for cyclists, one in which 36% of trips are made by bicycle. Mapes will explore the growth of the bicycling movement as a political and cultural force, especially at the local level. Summit attendees are invited to attend the annual meeting - Mapes, a two-time Summit attendee himself, will be signing copies of his brand new book - and to bring family, friends, home-stay hosts to this open meeting.

• The America Bikes agenda for transportation policy: changing outcomes. Discover how the America Bikes Coalition platform will change the rules of transportation funding and policy and get more people riding.
• Bicycle advocates and industry leaders united for change. The bicycle industry is more involved than ever in advocacy. Learn how we can more effectively work together in the corridors of power.
• The value of trails: so much more than a fun place to ride. IMBA leaders document the real estate, health, travel, and sustainability benefits of trails in urban areas. Learn how trails and bike paths can be a vital real estate asset and transform your community.
• Making local transportation choice a major national priority. Short, local, non-commute trips dominate travel throughout the United States but are overlooked in transportation models and priorities. Learn how and why we must turn this dynamic around in the next transportation bill.
• Climate Change: transforming ideas. Reducing emissions enough to mitigate the effects of transportation on climate change is going to require a diverse portfolio of measures. New climate change legislation must be tied to new transportation policy.
• Complete Streets: the next generation. Suddenly, Complete Streets is on everyone’s agenda for change. Complete Streets coalition leaders share their strategy for turning interest into effective, enforceable and measurable results.
• Getting a Fair Share for Safety. Bicyclists and pedestrians account for 13% of traffic fatalities and get less than 1% of federal safety funds. Strategize on ways the next transportation bill can redress this balance.
• Urban Trails and Jump Parks. The next frontiers are your neighborhood and city parks. Providing great riding close to home is the perfect way to attract youth to mountain biking. Learn how trails in urban areas have transformed the riding scene.
• Becoming best friends with transit. The benefits of combining bikes and transit are clear: join transit leaders and local bicycle advocates in exploring how to make the partnership work on the ground.
• The role of bicycle dealers in national and local advocacy. Local bicycle retailers straddle the business and bicycling communities, giving them a unique perspective. Learn how their voice can be a force for good in meeting with Congress, City Council and local business leaders.
• Safe Routes to School Times Three. The remarkable success of the Safe Routes to School program argues for a significant increase in funding and easier project delivery. Discover the game plan for getting this done in the new transportation bill.
• Quantifying the Case for Federal Investment in Nonmotorized Travel. The Rails to Trails Conservancy thoroughly documents the potential benefits of greater levels of bicycling and walking: we just need the money to make it happen.
• An urban agenda for transportation authorization. Cities make the case for greater levels of funding and control over transportation dollars in the next transportation bill.
• Creating a Bicycle Friendly America. The League, IMBA and Bikes Belong leaders examine the role of federal policy in creating bicycle friendly states, communities and businesses.
• Back to the Future: Affirming the rightful place of bicyclists in transportation policy. A youthful panel of wheelmen and women will focus on measures the Federal government can take to affirm cyclists’ rights to the road, 129 years after creation of the League.

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