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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pinhead Security Locks

Pinhead Components Inc was formed in 1997 to develop an effective locking system for bicycle components. Our objective was to provide effective protection to bicycle owners from the growing problem of bicycle part theft due to the high cost of new bicycles and their component parts and accessories.

We are now the premier producer of bicycle component locks which protect the front wheel, rear wheel, seat, forks, stem and handlebars of all standard bicycles. Our locking systems provide effective security for a fraction of the replacement cost of the parts they protect.

Pinhead products are available through quality bicycle retailers throughout North America and Europe.

Our current products include:

front wheel lock
rear wheel lock
seat lock
headset lock for forks and stem
Our future products planned for 2008/2009 include:

handlebar lock
foot pedal lock
U-lock for a complete one key lock up system.

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Ray George said...

I purchased these wheel locks and they seem pretty solid. The quick release is the key. So the downside is that you must carry the key with you at all times to change a tire/tube. But that is the price of security

Anonymous said...

I use the Pinhead headset lock because I am lax about locking my forks sometimes and it is better than nothing. But it sure seems easy to defeat. The lock / key system is designed to reject legitimate but incorrect Pinhead keys. It is glaringly obvious how to convert my key into a master key (or simply make one).


Anonymous said...

I purchased Pinhead product, and the same day the rear axel broke, causing me to fall off my bike. Could you imagine if I fell into traffic? I have tried multiple times to get a hold of Pinhead with no return on their part. Very dissapointed.

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