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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


About RideSpring

"RideSpring provides an easy on-line method to match carpoolers and an excellent reward method to reduce single occupancy vehicle trips. This program is simple for staff to implement and has increasingly grown in popularity since it was launched at the City."

Cheryl Schmitt
Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator
City of Santa Cruz

RideSpring is a web service that makes alternative commuting more convenient, flexible and rewarding than ever before. Focused at the company level, RideSpring is a very useful and popular employee benefit that significantly improves the worst part of the workday - the daily commute.

Focused on your company, for your employees, RideSpring is the complete alternative commute service.

What makes RideSpring so effective:

RideSpring is company specific. A customized RideSpring web site is provided for your company, exclusively for your employees use. Only employees with a valid company email address can create an account on your RideSpring web site. A company-focused system is much more appealing and convenient for your employees, and provides the greatest benefit to your company.

RideSpring makes it easy to find carpool partners at work with an appealing, easy to use interface that puts your employees in control of their commute.

Regular prizes reward all forms of alternative commuting, such as transit, biking or walking to work, as well as for carpooling. This makes RideSpring popular with more of your employees - ensuring a high level of participation at your company.

Trip reduction statistics are compiled on a daily basis so you can evaluate the effectiveness of your trip reduction program at any time.



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