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Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Ride - REPORT from Tricia

David & I rode 45 miles yesterday (ed. note - Saturday 14th) from Avery Park to the Dutch Kitchen and around the area. Jan & Jon joined us for breakfast at the Dutch Kitchen and rode with us after breakfast. It was pretty chilly starting out (about 30 degrees or so), and I was glad I suggested we ride the tandem so one of us was warm (that would be me). When we got the tandem out we saw it had 218 miles on the computer from 2008 TOSRV which was ridden by my brother and me. Maybe that's how David & I have survived marriage for 10 years, we usually ride single bikes ;-)

Seriously, we had a joyous anniversary ride. Attendees received St. Patrick's Day fortune cookies.

FYI: the bridge over Big Darby Creek on Amity Pike is closed.



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