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Friday, March 13, 2009

Victoria Pendleton - VP2050

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VP2050 is your chance to own a stunning, collectable fine art print of Victoria Pendleton, Olympic cycling gold medalist. Prints signed by the artist Lee Jones and Victoria Pendleton are available as a strictly limited edition of only 100. After the success of Team GB in Beijing, this will become a collectors piece.

British Olympic Gold Medalist and world champion track cyclist Victoria Pendleton embodies speed and determination in this original artwork from 2050 Sports. This is more than a picture of an athlete in action, it touches upon the traditions of the ancient Olympics as a celebration of the human body, but it also reaches into the future as sport becomes ever more sophisticated. The fusion between Victoria and the bike is a visual metaphor for how connected she is to the bike, woman and machine working in perfect harmony to bring Olympic glory to Britain.

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