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Sunday, April 26, 2009

36th COP Mid Ohio Century– Ride Recap

Andy and I set our for our ride with hopes of a headwind-less day. We had a slight headwind as we headed south. The wind pushed us north to the food stop. We stopped at mile 47 and had a great spaghetti dinner at a church. The people were great and the food was good. The next 21 miles were a real test. The headwind forced us to struggle to reach 10mph. 68 miles total.


Unknown said...

A full spaghetti dinner then the headwind section?! I'm impressed.

David J said...

Sorry we didn't see you Ray. Tricia and I started a little later than planned. Had 71 miles at the end, not all of which was officially on the route. We stopped and ate a sandwich in Kilbourne, missing the spaghetti dinner. That last stretch back to Delaware, directly into a 25mph SW headwind, was good TOSRV training. :-)

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