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Saturday, April 18, 2009

42nd SPOT - Sat. 4/18 Ride Recap

Got a chance to ride with Brett and Ashley on this one. Brett was on his singlespeed and Ashley built up a steel frame. retty good turnout, there was a few hundred people at Cyclist Connection. We headed out in the cold, but it warmed up pretty quickly. Abundant sunshine and sunscreen. There was a headwind out of the southwest that we rode into until Circleville. Circleville was the lunch stop and we had burgers at Hardees. We decided to take the shortcut back so that Brett could make it back home at a reasonable time. We did 81 miles and averaged 15.2mph. Ashley continued on to do the 103 mile route.

A side note - Cyclist Connection had free burgers and dogs for the riders which was a nice touch. The shop was open and if you are a COP member you will receive 10% off a purchase. I picked up a Park Tool that I needed for some work.


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