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Friday, April 24, 2009

Buy a bike and support Pelotonia - Roll

I stopped in to talk to Stuart and he mentioned that they are offering a super deal for people who are considering the Pelotonia ride.

We we're excited when we first heard the rumors last year about a new bike tour coming to central Ohio. We were over the moon when we got the details and saw the facts about what has become the Pelotonia event and it's potential for our community. Now we're ecstatic to have the opportunity to be a partner to the Pelotonia team and throw our efforts behind the event and towards one goal: to end cancer.

roll: is proud to partner with Pelotonia on this exclusive early registration bonus offer. Register to ride in Pelotonia before May 30th and get 10% off any new road bike, PLUS you'll receive a 20% contribution of the cost of your new bike to your individual rider fund raising goals from roll: Simply bring in a copy of your rider registration confirmation to any roll: store to receive your discount and kick start your fundraising goals.

As an added gesture of support and encouragement for all Pelotonia riders, roll: has also committed to donate 10% of all the proceeds from registered riders purchases in our stores between now and the event directly to individual Pelotonia funds. It's our way of saying thank you for your commitment and involvement.

We would like to invite and encourage anyone who has an interest to join our Peloton on the inaugural ride in August by registering at If you cannot ride, please consider sponsoring someone who has registered. If you cannot sponsor, then you still have the opportunity to be involved by encouraging those who can and perhaps volunteering time to help. There's a lot to do to achieve such a goal!

Thank you for reading and riding. Get involved :get on your bike.


the roll website is here...


Unknown said...

I would like to ride on Pelotonia and attempt to raise money for The James. I am unable to commit to a minimum $1,100 financial obligation, which is what Pelotonia requires. Pelotonia also requires that obligation be secured with a credit card.

I have incurable stage IV cancer. I have been told to put my affairs in order. One of the most important things to do when putting your affairs in order is to not commit to future financial obligations.

I requested a hardship waiver from Pelotonia so that I could ride in the event while attempting to raise money for The James. My request for a hardship waiver was emphatically denied. Pelotonia told me they cannot let just anyone ride, they cannot let riders sneak in the back door, and they only want persons who have the financial ability to personally guarantee minimum donations of $1,000. Since I am not able to personally guarantee donations of $1,000 plus an entry fee of $100, I will not be permitted to go on this ride.

This position seems harsh, elitist, exclusionary and inflexible. I have no idea how much money I could have raised. Perhaps $100,000 - perhaps $100. Since I am prohibited from riding because I am unable to personally guarantee a minimum of $1,100, we will never know.

I am very disappointed with Pelotonia's position. It appears to me there is a ghastly lack of compassion, kindness, understanding and empathy on their part.

I wish nothing but the best of luck to all those riders with financial means and good health. I wish I could share the ride with you.

Columbus Rides Bikes said...


I am sorry to hear that the Pelotonia management will not provide a waiver for you, especially considering your condition. I will post your comment on the main page when I am able to so that other people can hear about your situation.


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