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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Magtenlight Company

Friction-Free Magnetic Gear Drive System
1. 4 magnet segments mounted on the spokes of the front wheel
2. There are 8 magnets in each segment, 4 segments forms a ring
3. When bicycle wheel turns, magnet ring turns
4. A high efficiency Magtenlight Generator mounted on the axel of the front wheel
5. The 2 magnet half on top of the Generator in act with the magnet ring
6. There is a gap of 2-3mm between magnet ring and the Generator
7. Magnetic force on the magnet ring push the Generator to turn
8. The gear-up ratio from magnet ring to Generator is 1:16
9. Generator turns at a speed of 1500 rpm when bicycle reach 15Km/Hour
10. Friction-Free transmission established

Reverse Beam Technology
1. Head Lamp Reflector is of Reverse Beam type
2. Light distribution confirms to Germany StVZO 22A No:23 at 15Km/Hour
3. Precisely-engineered reflector collect and reflect light to specific area only
4. LED light source is not visible from front
5. Maximum light efficiency achieved by focuses light exactly according to German Road Traffic Act
6. All light focuses only on those area needed.



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