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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Taco Truck Mini Rally Ride Report

I rode with Andy from downtown through Franklinton and ended up on Sullivant. Heading due west we ran into a fierce headwind. We got to the first stop and there were at least 40 people at the stop. The scooter group was out and several cyclists were already there. Zach joined us when we left to go to the next stop. At the third stop Meredith called saying she was pissed off at the headwind and was considering calling it quits. She was just around the corner so I coaxed her into continuing. We are some ice cream and headed north to Broad, with a tail wind, and then east to the last stop. Best food was at the 4th stop on the tour. We ate a bunch of tacos and had a Modelo to celebrate. Back to town where the group split up. I had 16 miles total.


Zach said...

I got about 16 miles that day too. I'm now convinced that Ice Cream can cure all ills.

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