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Saturday, May 16, 2009

2009 Pedal Pale Ale Ride Report - 5/15/2009

Jonny and I drove from C-Bus to Pittsburgh and we made it just in time to participate in what I would consider one of the best urban rides I have experienced. Traffic into the Burgh was pretty crappy. A lot of traffic for the baseball game and road repairs almost caused us to be late. We parked at the Washington Blvd velodrome, which is an outdoor paved oval with banked turns. East End Brewing is just up the road a bit. When we arrived it was a sea of bikes and the line was out to the road. The crew from Wheeling, Kevin, Carolyn, Andy, Bruce, Andy Wallen, Ryan and Anna were already signed in and waiting. They did a group photo and estimated the crowd between 400-500 people. I concur.

Three kegs rolled out of the lot and we headed toward the secret final destination bar somewhere in Pittsburgh. I know my way around Pittsburgh, but I am not intimate with the streets. I do know that we crossed through Shadyside and Oakland and made our way down to the river via a trail. Down along the river and then across the Hot Metal Bridge to Carson Street and the Southside Works. Once the kegs caught up to everybody we wound our way through the streets to OTB Bicycle Bar (where they hold roller racing). We decided to grab some food while we waited for our free pint. Taco Loco was a few doors down. We drank them out of a few beers while consuming tacos. : ) Then the free pint. Beer was good. Tacos were good. It was nice to get out of Columbus and ride in another city.

We followed our route back up to Oakland and then used some nav tools, i.e. GPS on phone, to get back to Washington Blvd. Weather was great, ride was great and seeing friends was even better.

It was confirmed that 500+ riders were on the Pedal Pale Ale 2009 ride. Woohoo!


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