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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bike to work and keep on keeping on

It's b2ww (bike to work week for the acronym impaired) and we want to keep you hydrated. So, join us for the third annual Green Drinks bike hop. The plan has changed a bit from our last note, so pay attention. It is still going down this Thursday, May 14th, but places and times have changed (slightly).

We'll be starting at Byrne's (just like before), but not until the regular Green Drinks start time of 6 PM. After cooling our heels and wheels in Grandview with some well deserved drinks, the pelaton departs at 7:15 for Surly Girl to reoccupy the backroom that we used to call home. Our featured speaker for the evening will be Meredith Joy from Yay Bikes. And then back in the saddle to Cafe Bobo (Cafe Bourbon Street for the uninitiated) for a great line-up of bands - Small Pox & the New Vaccine, Couch Forts, Tavo Carbone. If you arrive before 9:30 and on a bike the cover is $2 ($5 if you drive and/or come late).

To recap, we'll be at Byrne's Pub (1248 W 3rd Ave) from 6-7:15, Surly Girl (1126 N High St) from 7:30-8:45, and Cafe Bourbon Street (2216 Summit St) from 9 on. Note, each leg will be led by an experienced cyclist and travel times are approximate. Hope you can join in on some or all the fun.

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