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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bun's Restaurant Ride 09

This was my first time on a tandem. My friend Mary, who is Executive Director for the American Council for the Blind in Ohio, has asked me for over a year to be captain on her tandem. So when the email came in last week I decided to "just do it". We started at the Hoover Dam parking area. After pedal installation and seat adjustments, plus a spin around the parking lot we were off. The bike has bar end shifters which I was not used to. Tandems take a lot of work versus a regular bike. Some common issues that need to be worked out include, which side of the bike you dismount, starting together without dragging foot on ground (me), and making sure the stoker knows when to coast (again me). Slowly I learned to do these things as the day wore on. The route took us north and then west to Delaware to Bun's Restaurant. I has the philly steak sandwich which was pretty good. We headed back along the river which was a nice change of scenery. Temps got into the mid-80's and was clear and sunny.


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