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Monday, May 18, 2009

Singapore Night Rides

Night Cycling is one of the most popular night physical activity in Singapore! Cycling at night is safe and fun! Enjoy the coolness of the night and see the other side of Singapore which you have never noticed! There is also a low volume of traffic at night so you will not have to worry about the heavy traffic which is always present during the day.

Let me introduce myself to everyone. My name is Eric Lim, I have a strong passion for cycling since young but due to career constraints, I had never got anytime for sports or riding until recently… I’m currently staying in Hougang and my city ride buddy is Alex Seah.

Alex stays in Pasir Ris and we are both founders of SGNC. Singapore Nite Cycle was formed to gather night cycling enthusiasts who are passionate about night cycling around Singapore.

We will dedicate to promote night cycling as a healthy lifestyle to everyone we know or just got to know, share and learn from each other’s knowledge on night cycling in Singapore.

We organize regular night cycling rides around Singapore, and often take breaks in between to enjoy the local good food we can find!

Check out our articles for regular updates on our riding and images we took during our night cycling trips!

If you like cycling or are considering taking it up, we welcome you to join us for our weekly night cycling city rides even if you are a beginner! Don’t worry, we are not very fast riders either… Safety comes first, we ride safely, steadily and happily!

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