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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

TOSRV 2009 Quick Ride Report

I don't want to bore anyone with details.

Brett and I started north of town and passed the start at 8am. Andy had started out earlier because he thought he couldn't keep up. We caught up to him in Circleville. The wind was swirling around for the first 25 miles and then picked up consistency the further south we continued. We were forced to paceline to keep our sanity. The wind was coming out of the southwest so we did the angled paceline where riders stretched out into the road instead of directly behind each other. In Chillicothe we had lunch with David, Tricia and her brother Steve (who by the way is a hoot). Then we hit the rollers. Brett and I got out in front of Andy, but he caught up to us by catching onto a group. We stopped in Waverly at the lake for last snack before Portsmouth. We also jumped into groups and it was nice to get pulled along instead of fighting the wind. On one of the sections of road they had rumble strips lining it and Brett got caught on them. I looked over to see him rolling across them at 20mph and he was vibrating and bouncing all over the place.

The river was flooding and covered the racetrack and all the land to the left and right of the road into Portsmouth. We pulled into Portsmouth at 4:30pm. 117 miles at 16mph average. We stopped to take pics of the mural and headed to the park. We hung out with Tricia, David and Steve at the park and ogled all the bikes and people hanging out.

We went to the All Saints spaghetti dinner. Steve insisted on taking pictures of food instead of people. He said he took pics of people last year and wanted a change. They had bike parking out back with valet service. Ask me about the exchange between the church people after dinner. This is a family friendly blog, so offline would be best. The dinner was great. Food was good and a bargain for the amount. Onto the stadium for camping. Got to talk with some friends from other rides and saw Dylan and his wife Janet. Setup without a hitch and turned in. I wanted to kill the guy in the tent next to us because he snored the entire night. Aaaargh!

6am wake up alarm. Temps dropped overnight and the tent was covered with condensation. Packed up and headed over to All Saints for the Chris Cakes breakfast. The pancakes were OK. Chris from Chris Cakes flips the pancakes onto your plate from the griddle. Pretty entertaining.

The headwind was still present as we headed north, but it fluctuated. There were a lot of police cars going somewhere with their lights and sirens blaring, but we never did find out. We saw one guy who had fallen receiving help from EMT and we were told in Obetz that someone had ran a light and got hit by a car. Sunday ride start was 8am and we got into Columbus around 4:30pm. I think this year was definitely better than last year. Total mileage was 228 including ride back to Brett's. We averaged 15.7mph.


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