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Monday, June 1, 2009

Bike to Work Week Challenge Wrap-up - From the mailbag

Dear Challenge Participant,

Thank you for participating in the Bike to Work Week Challenge! The results blew us away; we can't wait for next year to push the envelope even further. You can help in that regard by completing a 5-minute survey of your B2WW '09 experience: - thanks!

The 2009 winning teams and a few final results are listed below, but you can expect a full report this July. In the meantime, big thanks to roll: bicycle shop ( for providing the participating members from all winning teams with a 20% discount day at their stores and Octopus Inc.. Details on this special day will follow soon!

* Bucks on Bikes (The Ohio State University): 1,261 trips / 5,852 miles (!)
* LGC Bikers (Lazarus Government Center): 395 trips / 2,255 miles
* Cougar Cranks (Columbus State Community College): 125 trips / 605 miles
* EWI Wheelers (Edison Welding Institute): 105 trips / 660 mile
* Team Roll (roll: Bicycle Shop): 131 trip / 1,121 miles
* Hills Market: 22 trips / 163 miles

* One-way trips: 5,817
* Miles commuted by bicycle: 34,300
* Gallons of gasoline not purchased: 1,715 (mile/20mpg)
* Pounds of C02 emissions avoided: 34,300 (20 lb C02/gal gas)
All the participation details for each team and its members are now listed on the website- click on your team name for the details.


Congrats on your great work, and keep pedaling!

The Bike to Work Week Planning Team


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