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Sunday, June 7, 2009

HOOT 2009 Pics and Ride Report

Brett and I ventured out for the century option for HOOT 2009. We had two others cancel because of a late night, medical conditions, and the medical conditions that occur from a late night. Nice temps and weather to start the ride. The ride is billed as hilly and it definitely lives up to the billing. We climbed 5500 feet over 105 miles. The "makers" had Revenge and Savage hils on the ride. At mile 74 we ran into a 19% grade climb that forced me off the bike. I had mechanical issues and was off the bike for another 1.5 hills. Brett was forced off several times as well because he rides a single speed. We stopped at the Liberty Bell restaurant in Bremen. They don't take credit cards which posed a problem. Good food and service. We gathered up enough cash to cover, but shorted the tip. Sorry about that Ms Waitress. : ( After lunch it seemed to heat up and I went through a ton of water/gatorade. It took a lot longer than I planned plus we missed a few of the turn marks. We got back to the start and another group showed up. They also had problems with turn markers and a 50 mile ride turned into a 72. Very strenuous ride and we all agreed that it was much tougher than any other COP ride to date, with the exception of CFC which I have not ridden.


David J said...

Liberty Bell restaurant in New Bremen got it's name because it is housed in the old Ma Bell Telephone exchange building. Place is built like a fort.

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