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Friday, July 31, 2009

Everyone Bikes (or should) - Bike Share Program is here in Columbus is an experiment designed to help communities create bike shares through retailer and advertiser partnerships. Our retailers provide the bikes to riders via a simple transaction. Riders can take a bike, run errands, visit the various retailers throughout our neighborhood, stop and enjoy food/drink/shopping and return the bike for others to enjoy.

Super. Simple.

Our pilot here in the Short North community of Columbus, OH will evolve over time but our goal today is to prove that communities can provide a safe, cost-effective transportation alternative cooperative to communities.

Eventually, we'd like to move beyond the Short North and have communities throughout the US adopt our idea.

Want to do a bike-share in your community? Take our idea and make it yours. And keep us posted on how things work out.

the site is here... sign up to get your bike on!


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