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The Flying Bike ("Flyke")

The vehicle is called a "Flyke" because it is, in essence, a flying bike. There are 3 main parts to it - a lightweight trike chassis, a powerful 2 stroke twin propeller motor, and a paraglider canopy ("wing") which provides lift during forward motion. Some key facts:

Designed, manufactured and sold by Fresh Breeze GmbH in Germany
Easy take-offs and landings, requiring an area the size of a soccer pitch
Capable of flying up to altitude of approx 7,500 feet
2.5hrs flight on a full tank of fuel, travelling at approx 30mph airspeed
Fully legal for use in UK airspace (following recent change in legislation)
Can be pedalled on the ground as a regular bike (either with motor attached/detached) - ideal if bad weather rules out flying
Capable of 30mph ground speed under propeller power (obviously illegal on UK roads!)
Union Jack flag design on my wing was custom made as a one off for me, and is the only one of its kind in the world (as far as I know). G-Reg lettering is temporarily applied as legal requirement
Videos can be seen below:

the site is here...


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