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Friday, August 28, 2009

APB to the Web: Find My Bike! - WSJ article

When Heather McKibbon's bike was stolen in May, she didn't just get angry. She decided to get it back.
The 29-year-old project manager at a Toronto consulting firm alerted people to the theft through the social-networking site Facebook. Just hours later, a friend replied with a link to a bike for sale that looked like her own $1,300 Cannondale touring bike on eBay's Kijiji, an online classified-ads site. Ms. McKibbon recognized her bike and, posing as an interested buyer, arranged to meet the seller at a local subway station. She brought the police along as well, resulting in a small-scale sting operation.
Russell Monk for The Wall Street Journal
Heather McKibbon of Toronto got back her stolen bike after alerting her Facebook community.
Police arrested the man and returned the Cannondale to Ms. McKibbon, who claimed it with photos of herself on the bike, as well as its serial number. "It was a little overwhelming to realize that nobody in Toronto gets their stolen bike back, and here I was about to get my stolen bike back," she says.


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