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Thursday, August 6, 2009

London Cycling Campaign

Our five-year strategy
Our strategy 2008-13
LCC's latest five-year strategy document, entitled One in Five by 2025, covers the period 2008-2013. It outlines specific activities and targets in pursuit of our vision. You can download the full strategy and a summary of this document on the right.

The list of objectives below form the core of LCC's strategic direction for the next five years:

Promote cycling to the people
Many people are slow to realise the benefits of cycling, so we must skilfully make them see them.

Redesign our streets for cycles
Our streets and neighbourhoods need to be redesigned to be more cycle-friendly.

Promote cycling to our politicians
We must promote the facts, that cycling is cheap and provides a solution to five great public policy concerns for London.

Make cycling diverse and inclusive
Equality and inclusion are two key LCC values, and are central to our plan to make London a cycling city.

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