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Friday, September 11, 2009

Baer Wheels

Stopped by Baer Wheels last night to see what Dave has going on in the shop. He has a great selection of accessories jammed into the front of the store. His store reminds me of the bike shop I still call home in Wheeling, WV - Wheelcraft Bicycles. I love all bike shops, but there is something about going into an older bike shop with all the bikes, parts and service area visible and jammed into a smaller space.

He carries Breezer, Waterford, Seven, Surly, Look, Colnago, and others. He just got in a set of the Shwalbe studded tires for a customer. They are cool and functional and I may pick some up for winter riding, depending on how the weather goes.

Stop in and say hi to Dave. He has a pump outside the shop available 24 hours a day, so if you need air in the tires at three in the morning he can help.

Website here

More bike shop tours coming soon...


David said...

Dave saved last year's TOSRV for me, truing a rear wheel that had pulled an eyelet out of the rim. Kudos to Baer Wheels for sag and maintenance support to the area's organized rides.

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