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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Giant Clip Folding Bike - Wired Magazine Review

Ingenious Folding Bike Nails Form and Function
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$1,025 •
6 out of 10


Ingenious Folding Bike Nails Form and Function

Folding bikes get a bad rap, but rightly so: Few deconstruct smoothly, even fewer look cool. And while Giant's latest folder doesn't fully reconcile the category's classic rift between aesthetics and engineering, the Clip flaunts features that leave its competitors looking flatter than a punctured tire.
Combining the gentility of a Brompton (fenders, mudflap), the sporty pep of a high-end Dahon (decent components, including a Shimano derailleur) and the ingenuity of a Strida, the 8-speed Clip is the most visually striking mini-ride we've tested.
Apart from its Euroesque appearance, the folding mechanism works well. Two main rectangular clamps on the frame fasten and unfasten relatively easily and quickly (under 30 seconds to do a full breakdown or setup).


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