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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Night of 1000 Tacos - Pics and Ride Report

Studio 35 was the start/finish for the "Night of a Thousand Tacos" ride. We had about 30 riders, and two scooters for escort. I want to thank the scooter riders because they helped shepherd us through some high traffic areas with ease. This was a cruise style ride, so we didn't have any high speed riding or people trying to show off by riding out front.

The route took us north on Indianola, then over Cooke and Ferris to Cleveland. We stopped at 4 trucks along the route. All the trucks were great for staying open late and providing special deals for the cyclists. But, I must say that Taco Nazo went all out for us. Free drinks, free cake and 65 cent tacos. We topped it off with a cold Modelo.

Don Pedros, the final truck had a little slower service than the first three. It is located out in front of Garden Inn so we ventured in to use the facilities and have a mas(s) tequila shot (or whiskey). The song from True Blood was playing on the jukebox which I thought was funny. So I head back outside to the taco truck and I walk up to look at the menu. I look in the truck and the woman in the truck looks familiar. Too familiar... it was Amber, who I work with! She took it upon herself to handle translation services for the truck which sped up the service.

I had a great time on the ride and hope everybody can make it to our next event on October 9 at 7pm. We will be starting from Studio 35 and after a tour of taco trucks we will return to watch "Three Amigos" at 11:30pm.

I want to thank Bethia, Jim and Andy for handling the Taco Truck portion of the ride. I hope we can have a large turnout of scooters for the October event. Because of scheduling conflicts our event coincided with the Scoot-a-Cue event. We returned to find all the scooters lined up outside the theater, but we were too late to pop into the movie.


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