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Monday, September 28, 2009

ProTonLocks Magnetic Pedal Locks

ProTon Magnetic Pedal Locks Should reduce the risk of injuries by providing a means to secure the rider to the bicycle pedal via the New Hi Tech Magnetic Pedal Locking Device. This allows the rider to maintain a positive attraction to the bicycle pedal through a new break through in magnetic materials, yet if the rider falls, the "side shear force" can quickly and easily release the rider from the bike reducing the risk of additional injuries. These units are made from A380 Aluminum, Nickel Plated High Power Magnet, Chrome-molly spindle and sealed ball bearings. This is a fully serviceable unit, with replacement parts available. Made in Silicon Valley U.S.A. These are offered in 3 sizes, Micro Mini, 3" X 3" "Mini" & 3-3/4" X 3-3/4" Pro full size. The magnetic force of the magnet will help keep your feet on the pedals while riding hard reducing the risk of "slipping a pedal". The Micro Mini is great for the road cruisers, Mini - BMX younger riders starting out in competition riding. It will help them learn to power out of the gate and maintain better control of the bike while in the air jumping. The "PRO" full size pedals are will suited for the "Down Hill" "Mountain Bike" group and larger riders in competition and for the riders with Prosthetic legs. 30 day satisfaction Guarantee, 90 day limit warranty on spindle & Bearings.


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