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Thursday, October 8, 2009

2009 Columbus Bum Shuffle is Saturday, October 10th

so, kids, the race is coming up this saturday, oct 10th. just so everyone is "in the know," registration and the after party are at the dude locker, which is located at the eastern dead end of e. tompkins st. the warehouse is past n. 4th st., by the railroad tracks: we recommend that you ride to the race if at all possible, but if you need to drive, please try to park on n. 4th st. a few blocks south of tompkins. the parking situation right by the dude locker isn't the best and we don't want to make parking impossible for the people who live there on tompkins.

registration opens at 1:00pm and ends around 2:45. the race will then begin promptly at 3:00, so don't come late. the after party will begin around 8:00pm with the awards ceremony right around 8:45. you will need to have your spoke card to get in. if you didn't pay to race, then you'll owe the $10 fee in order to attend the party. once in, all of your colt 45 drinks will be free until we run out (we have 25 cases, so don't worry much).

people who are coming into town on friday night should email to see what kind of boozing we have planned. also, there will be a relatively informal polo meet on sunday morning. email for details.

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