Cielo Cycles - Buy a handmade bike by Chris King


Cielo Cycles is unique in its approach to handmade bicycle fabrication. We offer readymade classics in stock sizes with little to no lead time. Our framesets are priced to compete with the larger manufacturers' boxed bikes but with details and construction that rival custom one-at-a-time handmade framesets.

We pride ourselves on a meticulous approach to frame construction; there is no dependance on "black magic" here. For example, our build team miters tubes to .002 of an inch assuring razor straight alignment from the very moment the tubes are joined. There is no simple expression of "craft" that supplants precision, no "artisanship" that takes precedence over intention. Sure, our bikes have soul and we are not corporate robots but we do believe in repeatable high-quality work.

We plan to offer our road and cyclocross models on a permanent basis with other seasonal models mixed in on limited terms. Our color options will be carefully chosen for timelessness in collaboration with Spectrum Powder Works, one of the industry's leading powder coating facilities. And while we aren’t a pure custom fabrication company, our stock range covers 17 sizes in one-centimeter increments.


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