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Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Lazer Helmet with Integrated Lights

Lazer Advantage :

Rollsys® Retention System
Protection against rain & wind
Urban Comfort

Technology :

Fit System:         Rollsys® Retention System
Construction:      In-Mold (1 pieces)
Ventilation:         8 vents
Weight:             365g (XSS-M)
Certification:       CE - CPSC - AS
Sizes:                XXS-M / L-XL

Features :

Turn me on! Simply control the size and the comfort by turning the wheel on top of the helmet

Makes moisture disappear, dries quickly and is breathable

Rain Protected

Channeled Ventilation
Internal Ventilation channels for optimum airflow

Insect Net (optional)
Vent protection to keep insects out of helmet interior

Winter Padding (optional)
Insulated padding to keep helmet warm in cold temperatures

Integrated Light System (optional / Standard included in N'Light-version)
Light system at the front and the back for optimal visibility of the rider


Unknown said...

Nice looking helmet.

Somewhat Stormtrooper-ish.

Wonder what those cost...

Columbus Rides Bikes said...

I was thinking the same thing. I need a new helmet and this may be it!

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