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Friday, October 30, 2009

Thursday Night Ride Report - 10/29/2009

We started out with six people and headed over to CSCC to pickup Adam. We headed south to Rich St and as we turned the corner Adam blew out his rear tire. He decided to call it a night and walked home. We continued west on Rich and admired the partially demoed City Center. South on High to Greenlawn. We headed west and stopped for a few minutes at the Greenlawn Abbey. Up Harmon to Fton. We rode through the side streets until we hit Sullivant. Over to West Park and then onto Broad. We then turned into Rhodes Park and up the trail to the Valleyview area. Down to McKinley and over to Shrum Mound. We were going to Jonnies Tavern, but the grill closes at 9, so we went to Marshalls on 1st in Grandview. Back into town after food and drink for 19 miles. Great weather and great company.


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