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Saturday, November 7, 2009

BikeBox on Milton Avenue in Columbus is dangerous - watch video


Anonymous said...

It looks like there are some of the same cyclists posing with different scenarios, which leads me to assume this is a staged video and therefore in accurate of the reality. I wouldn't call the bike box dangerous if it is a staged video!

Ray George said...

I believe the point of the video is to show the instances where this particular bike box application is not the most desirable. If changes are made then I think it would be more usable. The city needs to provide some education to the use of the bike box.

Anonymous said...

Ive never had a problem at this location. I'm not quite sure why you wasted your time with the filming. You should have been riding. It looked beautiful.

Ray George said...

As a blogger it disappoints me that people won't put a name on their comments. But I digress... It was a beautiful day when the video was taken. I WAS riding my bicycle, somwhere. Alas, I did not shoot the video.

A friend of mine, Tricia Kovacs, who is a certified LAB cycling instructor, shot the video to bring attention to the possible situations that make it dangerous. I value her commitment to Columbus' cycling community and her opinion on matters as such.

I am happy to hear that you do not experience any problems at the intersection. I still stand firm that the city needs to provide education for this type of bicycle lane/signal system so that people know what to expect.

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