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Saturday, November 7, 2009

KarmaArmy - Maybe OSU needs a chapter!

Q: What is KarmaArmy and Why should I care? 
A: The quick answer is that the KarmaArmy Community can help you recover your Stolen Bike, snowboard, etc. by having as many of our community members keeping an eye out for your "just-stolen" X.

The slightly longer answer is:

The concept for this community was conceived after a stolen bike experience. The initial message was simply BAD KARMA To Bike Thieves. Since that time roughly 10 years ago, KarmaArmy has emerged as much more.

In addition to being able to help recover stolen gear through the use of our KarmaAlert™ System (see below), it is meant to be informational & educational (How to properly lock your bike. Is my bike or skis covered under my homeowner's insurance?)

The site is also designed to serve as a Repository for your serial numbers, photos of your gear, descriptions, etc. so in the event of a theft, you have all your information in one spot, ready for police reports & insurance claims, etc. You won't have to go scrambling around looking for all of that info (especially while in an already agitated state). It is also a community of athletes and enthusiasts who care about their gear and understand the implications if something gets stolen. As members of the KarmaArmy, we care enough to keep our eyes open for a stolen bike or unique board, etc.

The KarmaArmy can also be a source of relief for victims of bike theft for example. We've read countless stories of a kid's bike getting stolen; and it's just not right. Share your stories of recovery or how the theft happened.
We are also working on some extremely exciting tracking solutions to help with both theft prevention & recovery! Stay tuned!


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