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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mastodon Ride with Molly

I rode north from my house to meet Molly at Havens Corner. We headed east toward Pataskala and then on to Dawes. We passed the Burning Tree Golf Course / Dinosaur Museum. I have passed this a bunch of times this year, but Molly has not. So we stopped and explored. A couple of workers were out front and I asked about the mastodon. They said it was found in one of the ponds and that the cast of the original was in the basement. Very cool replica and other dinosaurs to view. More...

We continued to Dawes and hung out in the Japanese Garden. I love that location. Then we headed south to Jacksontown and stopped at a biker bar for lunch. We were the only customers in spandex. No sweat. Cheeseburger and fresh cut fries. Pretty good.

Then we headed back through Hebron and Pataskala. Molly headed out west and I headed home. My guesstimate is 62 miles because my speedometer stopped working. Great day in the saddle. Thanks Molly!


tcristy said...

Small world - I worked on the mastodon project.

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