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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Reverse Keg Ride Pittsburgh - 112109

Drove over to Wheeling on Friday and headed up to Pittsburgh on Saturday. Met up with James, John and Ryan, Amber and Zach and Kevin rode up with me. We had brunch at OTB bar and got ready for the ride. Estimated 200-250 riders were on hand for the ride. We rode over the Hot Metal bridge from the South Side and then headed into town on the trail. We then headed through downtown and passed by the convention center onto the trail to the strip district. We climbed out of the valley and ended up over neat Penn Ave and finally the brewery. We hung out with everybody and drank our pint, then headed back out to Oakland and down the valley to the river back to the South Side. We stopped at Hofbrauhouse for dinner and drink. 19 miles total. Amazing urban ride with great friends.


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