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Monday, November 9, 2009

The Reverse Keg Ride

The crisp chill in the air means that the end of Pedal Pale Ale Season is nearly upon us. At the beginning of the summer, 500 local (and some not-so-local) cyclists showed up at the brewery to help deliver the very first Pedal Pale Ale kegs of the season. We had such a blast putting this on, that we've decided to close down Pedal Pale Ale Season in style this year...with another ride of course!

To help spread the word about what it means to operate an environmentally sustainable brewery (more on that here), for the past few years, we've been delivering the the very first PEDAL PALE ALE kegs of the season to a local tap-spot in a very unique way....BY BICYCLE. And now, it's time to return the empty kegs to the brewery.

On Saturday November 21st after a nice hot breakfast at OTB, I'll set off, with a couple hundred of my closest GOOD FRIENDS
in tow, promptly at NOON taking the ceremonial empty PEDAL PALE ALE kegs BACK to the brewery to officially mark the end of the season. And this time, I hope to be flanked by a few "celebrity keg puller", but more on that as it evolves...

Like the Spring Keg Ride, this trip will be slow, meandering, and maybe even a little
surprising, in spite of already knowing the destination. And of course the big difference is that this time, we're riding with a greater purpose...

After the last keg ride, it became clear to me that we need to turn this into an event with a higher purpose. We can still ride for a FRESH LOCAL BEER, but this time we're also riding for charity.

We are suggesting a FIVE DOLLAR DONATION per person for this event, and since it's an all-volunteer event, 100% of the proceeds will go to our two charities: Bike Pittsburgh and The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.

* Date: Saturday November 21st, 2009
* Time: Brunch at OTB@10am-noon, Registration 10am-Noon
* Departure : Noon O'clock sharp!
* Arrival: maybe between 1 and 2pm
* Starting Point: OTB Bicycle Cafe
* Destination: East End Brewing Co.
* Distance: Somewhere around 7 miles.
* Pace: Gentle. Remember that part about pulling kegs
* Return trip: Sorry folks, you're on your own. Though maybe you left
your car at the brewery when we did the Spring ride?....No?
* Kid friendly: There have definitely been kids on this ride in the past,
and they are certainly welcome this time. But the ride is on OPEN
CITY STREETS, and a decent portion of this trip will be up one
looong hill. But the pace will be gentle, and we plan to obey the law
and stop at all red lights and respect one-way street designations.

Oh, and of course the kids don't get a beer at the end of the ride. But maybe we can swing some hot chocolate.

More Event Details:

Facebook Event Page


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