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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Time to Ride? Check your watch...

About Us:
When we started 'demos watch co.', we had a vision of watches with style focused on the mountain bike market.  As we made progress on designs and market discussions, we learned that there’s demand from all “two-wheelers” who want watches that reflect their lifestyle and passion.  We hope we’re able to meet that need with the watches we design and manufacture.
Our desire is to make watches that reflect the design, style, and substance of biking … whether it’s mountain biking, road biking, BMX, dirt biking, cruising on a Harley, or just pedaling to the store.  We’re two “army brats” that met by chance and now are trying to make a watch company  that stands for something other than technology.  Our watches are simple, design centric, and non-techie.  No altimeters.  No heart monitors.  No stop watches, at least for now.  Just watches that reflect bits and pieces of the bike / motorbike market.
If you like what you see, let your local bike / cycle shop know. If not, give us some feedback on what you want to see in the future.


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