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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tuesday Night Ride Recap and Photos - Big Run Hals Als Ride

So we had 10 riders for the Tuesday Night Ride. Good crowd of old and new riders. We rode out west through Franklinton to Georgesville Road to Big Run Park. A soapbox derby track sits on the far end of the park. We raced each other down and back on the track. Then we headed out the trail side to Demorest and made our way back over to town. We stopped at Hal's and Al's for some Rad Dogs and drinks. Thanks to Tawd at Rad Dog for the free dogs for some of our riders.

I was disappointed to hear that the other night ride continues to be a trainwreck. I considered going this past Monday but I chose to ride my own route around town. The constant stopping at parks to drink and partake in other illegalities keeps me from attending. Plus, the routes through construction which caused a bunch of mechanicals is flat out stupid. Oh well.


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