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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Yay Bikes Website Update

New YB! Website Launches Monday
Be prepared: Meet the new site on Sunday!
2-5pm @ Summit United Methodist 


The Unveiling!
We are demonstrating our new site for the first time this Sunday, from 2-5pm at the Yay Bikes! office. Bring your laptop to the demo, if you like, and we'll ensure you're ready to go by the time you leave. Our lesson will include the following topics & activities, as well as ample time for Q&A:

> High-level overview of what we're building & why
> Survey of the new site and its functionality
> The new forums paradigm
> Blog creation
> Social network integration
> More more more!!!
> Working demos of different features
> Using the site to further your own cause

Please contact us to RSVP for this lesson or to indicate interest in a future one. With sufficient demand we will schedule a second demo for mid-December.

Our New Site
Our new site is going live on the morning of Monday, Nov 23. At that time, all of the content from our old site, and all of your personal accounts, will already have been transferred over. The new site is substantially different from the old, but we hope you'll find it easy to learn - and remember that we are available to help if you have questions! As you come across actual glitches, just let us know about them and they will soon be fixed.

If you have previously registered on, you can log on to the new site using the same username and password you have always used; your account has already been established. Please note: If your username includes a space, you will need to eliminate that space when you type it in. For example, "bike nerd" would need to be typed "bikenerd" for the new site to recognize it properly. If you can't recall your username and/or password, please contact us for a reminder.

Our intention for this site is that it is the absolute bestbicycling resource in the country. Thus we will continue to develop functionality (maps, a community calendar, etc.) in the coming weeks. If you have suggestions for how we can make the site a more potent resource for you, please let us know. After all, a fancy-pants website does no good unless it helps to advance your good work!

The Former Site
Our former site will remain intact and available to view You won't be able to comment on it, but it's being kept live as an historical archive. Any bookmarks or links you have that point to the old site will automatically redirect to the correct spots on the new site, so no need to bother updating them.


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