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Sunday, December 6, 2009

1200 Lumens! Mmmmm lumens... Niterider Pro 1200

Pro 1200 LED
LED Li-Ion

D.I.Y. Software -
Design your own specs!
1200 Lumens
8 Step Fuel Gauge
Quick Release Battery System
9600 mAh Battery
Borofloat Lens
Explorer Headband Compatible

LED Headlamp
Li-Ion Battery
Handlebar Mount - Fits up to 31.8mm
Helmet Mount
Extension Cable
Docking Statio

1200 measured lumens. That’s right, 1200 lumens. That puts the Pro 1200’s light output in the same arena as some automobile headlights. The Pro 1200 accomplishes this staggering output by incorporating two of the most powerful single source LED emitters available today. Housed in two separate reflectors, one reflector acts as a “spot” and the other a “flood”. The resulting beam pattern is a perfect blend of both. The Pro 1200 also benefits from our unique D.I.Y. software. This internet based software gives you the flexibility to design your light outputs and flash modes to fit your riding needs, rather than being bound by inflexible manufacturer specifications.

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