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Sunday, December 13, 2009

2nd Annual Oglebay Festival of Lights Bicycle Ride Report and Pics

We started out with four riders this year, Kevin, Carolyn, Dave and myself. There were supposed to be at least two-three more, but life happens. Downtown Wheeling was the starting point and we needed to get up to Oglebay on top of the hill to ride through the lights. So, we headed down through town and over to the bike path that ends in Elm Grove. From there we headed out to Peters Run. There was heavy traffic on Peters Run compared to last year, but we kept chugging along until we got to the top to meet Doug. From there we headed over to the Speidel Golf Course and jumped into traffic. We did part of the loop and started back toward the park. Carolyn couldn't get out of her clips and proceeded to slo-motion fall onto her side and my front wheel. I didn't budge, but the wheel did. It was knocked out of true about an inch. Not good. But Dave Crow, who works at Quick Service bike shop in Martins Ferry did his best to bring it back to life. It was enough to get me home, but the wheel was pronounced dead at the Trek Store of Columbus.

We continued on toward the park up past the ski lodge and down past the pool and tennis courts. Then we climbed up past the Lodge and over to the Mansion. At this point we met up with the bulk of traffic. Cars were backed up to the Wheeling Tunnel which is at least 8 miles down the road. As we turned onto the road an Oglebay ranger yells at Kevin to stay in the lane and maintain proper distance. At first we thought he was serious, but his buddy started laughing and we let it go as a joke. As we made out way down past the zoo someone in the car decided that we weren't going fast enough and yelled obscenities. Again, we shrugged it off. Well, at least the main group. I had some choice words for them.

We stopped at a display so Dave could do some bike tricks (see video) and then made out way to the end of the lights at the Environmental Ed center. There, we parted ways with Doug and headed down to the Alpha for some food and drink. (see pics)

Total ride mileage for Kevin and me was 29 miles. Carolyn got a lift home from the Alpha and Dave rode back to Martins Ferry so he may have had close to 40 when he was done. Definitely a great adventure.


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