American Made Cargo Bikes

Metrofiets - Artisan frames, from Portland, Oregon

Jamie Nichols and Phillip Ross are the founders and co-owners of Metrofiets, LLC.

Patience and time, that's what builds a Metrofiets.  Design, bend, measure, sculpt, hammer, polish and file - these actions transform raw steel into works of art. The kind of art you can ride around town on.  The kind of art that turns heads and leaves people wanting more.

Our designs are inspired by Danish and Dutch cargo bikes as well as the classic bicycle styles produced in the US during the 1930's, 40's and 50's.

We like clean lines, curves and things that work without a lot of fuss.  Naturally, our "basic" bikes ship with modern, state of the art  components like hydraulic disc brakes and internally geared hubs.  Stuff that just works.

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