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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I want to ride my bike, and make a difference!

Here at Roadmonkey, we believe in a different kind of travel – one that combines rugged adventure with meaningful volunteer work to give you a deeply gratifying experience abroad. Our expeditions take you off the tourist path, to truly explore a foreign land and culture on your own terms. At some point along the way, we roll up our sleeves and accomplish a hands-on volunteer project  that directly benefits local people and communities in need.

With Roadmonkey, you can explore the world with all your senses, and make it a little bit better. We call it adventure travel with a social conscience. Or maybe it’s creative volunteering with a dose of wanderlust.

Join us, and  travel different.

Vietnam Expedition 2009

In November, Roadmonkey returned to Vietnam for its third adventure philanthropy expedition, cycling from Danang, on the central coast, to Hoi An, a picturesque fishing village, and then south along the coastline and into the rugged central highlands, following the historical Ho Chi Minh trail in a loop back toward Danang. In the highland city of Kon Tum, our 9-person team built a greenhouse and farm farm at a school for ethnic minority students.


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