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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pedal Brain - Ipod and iPhone powered cyclometer

With Pedal Brain you just focus on riding and everything else is taken care of.

Pedal Brain can be thought of as three integrated products. First, it's an iPod and iPhone ANT+ accessory. Second, it's a complete training log. Third, it's a coaching platform. Each of these products have been designed together and as such integrate perfectly well. There's no distinction between your workouts on the web and your workouts on the iPhone or iPod. Simply go for a ride and all your performance data is uploaded in realtime to the web where coaches, teammates and friends can see it (if you allow them to). There's no post workout data upload step with Pedal Brain. Similarly there's no need to copy your workouts onto paper and stuff in your jersey before heading out. It's already there on your iPhone or iPod.

Power through data is our motto. We believe better data leads to better workouts which leads to better results. Pedal Brain makes acquiring, processing and analyzing data simple. With a completely synced training log, you can focus doing the workouts and drills rather than trying to remember how long the interval break is suppose to be. Finally, Pedal Brain provides coaches unparalleled access to your training or racing data - in realtime even. Imagine doing a workout, not having it flow, messaging your coach and instantly have a new workout on your iPhone - all while riding.
With Pedal Brain you just focus on doing the workout, not on remembering it.


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