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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ride to Galena Ride Report


I needed to get out on the bike after a week and a half hiatus. I was starting to feel the effects of eating too well and no exercise. So I rode north, met Brett along the way and headed to New Albany to meet up with Katie. We headed north until we hit Red Bank Road and took that all the way into Galena. Because of the holiday weekend all the restaurants, all of one, were closed. So we headed south and took Vans Valley Rd east. I knew we had a headwind heading south, but I underestimated how much it feels whipping across the empty corn fields. We struggled to maintain 12mph as Brett and I switched off leading out. We continued at a diagonal heading southeast until we hit Central College and then went west until Kitzmiller. Old 161 back to New Albany where Brett split off and headed down 62. I dropped off Katie and headed due south back home. 52 miles. Averaged 14mph.


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