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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tuesday Night Ride to Starliner Diner Pics and Report

Started at Goodale and rode out 3rd then north to 5th. 5th to McKinley north to Scioto Darby into Hilliard. Our destination was Starliner Diner for dinner. Food was great. 4 people rode. Temps were in low 30's. It was pretty windy for the ride out and we had a tailwind on the way back. We rode 21 miles total.


DSTRONG said...

what was the total mileage? and how organized/exclusive are these "TNRs"? hopefully i'd like to join you sometime.

Columbus Rides Bikes said...


We rode 21 miles. We typically ride 15-20 miles. Longest ride was 33 miles a few weeks ago. I try to pick a different destination each week. This is not an exclusive group of riders, please join us sometime. If you are on Facebook please join the group because I send out ride invites.
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DSTRONG said...

woooord. thanks

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