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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wend Magazine

wend  (wěnd)
v. wend·ed, wend·ing, wends To proceed on or along; go: wend one's way home.
v.intr. To go one's way; proceed.
[Middle English wenden, from Old English wendan.]

Wend: Who we are.

Wend is a forum for real people, writing real stories about real adventures and real environmental issues. As an independent media group, active in both environmental activism and the outdoors, we realize that part of going off the beaten path means making sure the path doesn’t get beaten. We are a magazine that understands that to advocate for the majesty of nature, we’d be hypocritical to print on paper that comes from destroying it, and thus, every issue of Wend is printed on locally sourced, FSC certified paper.
Our mission is to educate and inspire, as we see travel and experience as revelation that enriches our lives, and makes us better world citizens. We travel not to escape but to challenge ourselves and discover the humanity that every culture, big or small, poor or rich, shares. Sometimes grand adventure takes us to the other side of the planet, atop a towering peak, across an ocean, or even to our own cities, just around the corner. Our narrative style doesn’t focus so much on where we go, or what summit we made, but rather all the nuances of how we get there. We are people who write in our journals, take photographs, and build our understanding of the world one step at a time with humility and respect.
We believe in partnering with outdoor brands and environmental organizations who exist to promote a true green ethic and economy. We have built our growth model so that our love for the earth, in all its vast wonders, translates into a better ability to affect the destiny we face as human inhabitants of it.

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