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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bamboo Bike Studio - build your own!

In one weekend, you’ll learn how to turn raw bamboo into your very own masterpiece.

Wondering what to expect from a Bamboo Bike Studio Full Bike Weekend Workshop? First off, our Red Hook studio is a friendly and laid-back atmosphere. We take the two-day Bike Building course seriously, but in the end we’re here because bicycling is fun. Bring your own iPod, bring your dreams of a perfect ride, bring expectations of tackling new skills; leave any anxieties about pretentious cycling culture behind— for the next two days, this is your workshop.
On Saturday you’ll work with our experienced bike builders to select an ideal mix of bamboo for comfort, strength, and speed, then choose a geometry that fits your body and riding style. Next, you’ll learn to use hand-tools and our antique drill press, turning seven pieces of bamboo into your bicycle’s frame. After lunch, you’ll choose the fabric of your choice to join and lash your frame together.
On Sunday we’ll put your component package— pedals, chain, wheels, and handlebars— on your frame. After learning a few basic maintenance techniques and a final safety check, you’ll ride off on the best bicycle you’ll ever own— the one you built!
Tuition for Full Bike Weekend Workshops is $932.
For those with their own components, we also offer Frame Weekend Workshops. Build your own bamboo frame from scratch, just as in the Full Bike Weekend Workshop, then add components on your own or at your local bike shop–a perfect option for experienced mechanics with their own tools and components.
Tuition for Frame Weekend Workshops is $632.
Click below to reserve your place in class, or contact for more information.
  • May 22-23
  • June 5-6
  • June 26-27
  • August 7-8
  • September 25-26
Reservation Deposit-$400



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