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Monday, January 25, 2010

Bike vs London Underground - Bike won!

Bike vs London Underground

the stig on undergroundWhat is faster – the London Underground or a bicycle?
Video included at the end of this post
Everyone can remember the excellent Top Gear episode where Richard Hammond travelled by bike to London City Airport and beat his co-presenters who between them used a car, a boat and public transport. It made for a thrilling episode and was a great victory for all those who support cycling.
I however wanted to take this experiment a little further and try it out in some popular destinations in London you or I may travel to daily to see which of the two might win.
I made the test as fair as possible by starting and ending the journey standing on the same spot. For tube route planning and estimating journey times I used TfL’s journey planner. Above ground I used Bike Route Toaster to plot a suitable route. I then exported the data to my iPhone which is mounted to my bike using the Bicio bike mount.

Predicted times

According to TfL’s planner the journeys should take:
Swiss Cottage to Covent Garden21 minutes23 minutes
Covent Garden to London Bridge19 minutesNot available
London Bridge to Mornington Crescent18 minutes23 minutes



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